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Our Caddies

Our Caddies

All our caddies must meet the Caddy Hire quality mark before they are able to work for the company.

This quality mark ensures each of our caddies are knowledgeable, motivated, confident and ready to add to the golfing experience for every player.

All our caddies have excellent golf course knowledge. That knowledge helps assist us when pairing our caddies with players.

Our caddies receive payment after each round of golf and we ask each of our customers to complete a feedback form so that we know the Caddy Hire quality mark is being met across each and every round of golf.

We provide each of our caddies with regular email updates, our bi-monthly newsletter and a staff handbook which sets out what it takes to work for Caddy Hire.

Our caddies always look smart and are properly attired with Caddy Hire golf wear where appropriate.


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