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Golf Course Caddying Service

Caddy Hire has partnerships with a growing number of high profile golf courses across the country. We offer a personal and tailor made service, meaning a more efficient caddying service for your golf course.


Why Choose Caddy Hire for your Course

Caddy Hire is Britain’s only dedicated caddy provider. Supplying golf courses with a truly professional and hassle free caddying service.

The company works closely with hundreds of dedicated caddies from across the country and has partnerships with a growing number of affiliated golf courses.

We provide the only prepaid online caddy booking service in Scotland making it an easier and more efficient way to arrange caddies.

We offer players the unique opportunity to request the same caddy over multiple days and multiple courses, helping to add prestige and overall enjoyment for the player.

The Caddy Hire ethos is built around enhancing the experience of each golfer. All our caddies must meet the Caddy Hire quality mark before they are able to work for the company. This quality mark ensures each of our caddies have good golf course knowledge, are motivated, reliable and ready to add to the experience for every player.

Our caddies receive payment after each round of golf and we ask each of our customers to complete a feedback form so that we know the Caddy Hire quality mark is being met across each and every round of golf.

What will Caddy Hire do for you

Caddy Hire offers a personal and tailor made service for each of our affiliated clubs. Using our services will enable you to more efficiently run your caddying services allowing your golf course to better manage its resources.

We have a growing number of relationships with tour operators and corporate clients which can have mutual benefits in helping to boost your visitor numbers.

By working with Caddy Hire you will ensure that your golf course is associated with a growing brand which is dedicated to providing the best caddies possible for any standard of golfer.

As well as providing regular reports, we will keep you updated with company developments through our quarterly newsletter and regular email updates.

All this and using Caddy Hire doesn’t cost your golf course anything.

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Affilliated Golf Courses
Caddy Hire affiliated golf courses.

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